Irrigation Drainage

Our systems can remove some or all of the nitrate leaving your growing operation- whether a greenhouse or field.   Typically,  all tailwater is sent from a tile drain to our system for nitrate removal. 

Zero Discharge Farming

A key concern globally is reusing your irrigation water.   Integrating your runoff with a 1-2 acre-foot pond can enable you to eliminate all irrigation discharge and resuse the water.  Plants growing in and around the pond will consume nutrients.  This also enables our system to run for extended periods- up to 24 hours per day. 

Pond and Lake Treatment

Excess nutrients in your retaining ponds and lakes can lead to eutrophication (algal blooms).  Our systems can be integrated with your pond/runoff management to prevent leaching of nutrients from your site. 

Contaminated  Wells

Drinking water wells contaminated with nitrate can be treated very effectively with our systems.   Got a well where nitrate is too high to apply to crops?  Use our system to remove some of the nitrate so that the remaning nutrients can be applied to the crops. 


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