Hydroponic Brine Reduction Systems

Are  you storing RO brine or drainage water on-site?  On-site pond overflowing?  Have you looked at the prices for disposal via evaporation or water hauling?  If you are considering these strategies,  contact us- we'll show you how our hydroponic phytoremediation system can reduce or eliminate your daily on-site water storage challenges.  Our systems can "de-water" your brine or wastewater for less than 1 cent per gallon.  This is about 20 to 25X less expensive that using hauling or evaporation.

What is hydroponic phytoremediation?

Simply- this is the use of plants to solve environmental pollution problems.  In our system,  we use an outdoor hybrid hydroponic system to transpire the water and remove some of the salt.  We use two types of plants- one plant will transpire large amounts of water daily.  The second type of plant accumulates salt in its leaves.  Both plants are considered halophytes- or salt-loving plants.

Wet grass
Botanical Greenhouse
Botanical Greenhouse

Why does this work?

Very simply-  this technique seeks to maximize the conditions to accelerate transpiration of water by the plants.   Our system is outdoors.  Our system draws water via a pump from your storage tanks and then pushes the water through a network of 100's of individual plants.   Your water never touches the ground.  This can prevent the need for a permit from the State regulators.  The plants will consume any nitrate, some of the phosphorus and generally be unaffected by other dissolved ions in the water.