Upcycling of Dissolved Organics

Got high BOD/COD in your wastewater?  Tired of the same over-priced solutions?  Our new anaerobic digester system (US Patent Pending) can convert the organic load in your wastewater into a value added chemical called volatile fatty acids or VFAs in hours, not days.   These VFAs can then be easily recovered using existing separations technology.  The recovered VFAs have many applications.


So think about it:  rather than continue do battle with local and state regulators about your land application of this wastewater,  lets a) recovery the organics and sell them at a profit and b)  reuse the vast majority of this cleaned water.   Sounds easy, right?  But  how do we do this?

A New Digester Design

Our new digester design and mode of operation enables us to convert those troublesome organics into a valuable commodity.  Rather than wait days for a methane digester to convert your organics into methane,  we operate our digester to prevent methane formation and recovery the organics.  The process is passive,  requires very low energy, and the right bacteria makes all the difference.

Digester System.jpeg


Three benefits of this approach stand out:

  1.  The LOWEST cost method of solving organic loading problems in your wastewater

  2. Potential for value added resale of recovered VFAs

  3. Reuse of the water,  rather than "dumping" the water on the local vacant land.