TDS Reduction

Are  you storing RO brine or drainage water on-site?  On-site pond overflowing?  Have you looked at the prices for disposal via evaporation or water hauling?  If you are considering these strategies,  contact us- we'll show you how our hydroponic phytoremediation system can reduce or eliminate your daily on-site water storage challenges.  Our systems can "de-water" your brine or wastewater for less than 1 cent per gallon.  This is about 20 to 25X less expensive that using hauling or evaporation.

Image by Senning Luk

Key Features

Low energy

You only need to enough power to push the water through a hydroponic treatment system in order to evaporate the water or just lower the TDS so the water can be land applied.

Ions Removed

The systems can remove very large amounts of calcium, magnesium, nitrate and sulfate every day

Water Volume Reduction

These systems are designed to maximize evapotranspiration.  Imagine!  You do nothing and we make your water disappear by turning into water vapor.

Simple installation

You tell us the volume and the water chemistry and we'll design and install the system for you.  Maintenance is very easy.