Nitrate Removal 

Our biological nitrate removal systems can accommodate just about any flow from 2 to 500 gallons per minute.   Our systems reduce nitrate to nitrogen gas.  They produce no waste and have a very small footprint.  A typical 50 GPM system will require 800 square feet.  There are many options to customize your nitrate removal process including solar power, and cloud based data collection and management

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Key Features

Our nitrate removal systems have a number of advantages over all other solutions

Low energy

These systems require only enough electricity run the pumps that move the water through the system


Systems require a supply of "carbon", usually glycerin, ethanol, or methanol.  We can provide this for you or you can source it yourself.

Low maintenance

We handle all the maintenance for you.  But in general,  our design leverages a number of sensors and information tools that enable us monitor and control the system from our cloud based data collection system.

Simple installation

You prepare a flat and compacted space using crusher dust or dirt,  electricity,  and a source of water to be treated- we'll take care of the rest.