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Achieving $0 net cost of nitrate removal

Our biological machines require a balance of nitrogen (from the nitrate in the water), phosphorus (usually in the water), and carbon. The biologically available carbon is usually missing so we need to provide that to our customers. Long term, the operating cost of the system is controlled by the access to the external carbon source

So how can we make the carbon cost go to $0? Turns out that in many areas where nitrate contamination of surface and groundwater exists, many producers of organic (think carbon) rich wastewaters operate also. More than 20 different carbon sources for "denitrification" have been identified so far. It turns out that some of the waste products can be use without modification to fuel our biology. Since most of these waste carbon generators are paying to have their waste hauled, treated, or stored, its a good bet that you might be able to get this waste carbon at or near $0. This is a triple win: the waste carbon generators lowers their cost of disposal, the nitrate removal system owner (our customer), gets their carbon at or near a $0 cost, and the environment benefits also.

Not sure about how this might work in your neighborhood? Give us a call at 831-296-0535 to learn more.

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