Strategy 5- Recycling your irrigation runoff

Releasing nitrate contaminated water from your ranch in excess of 10 mg/L  NO3-N is a violation of nearly all water quality regulations world wide.  What about recycling this water?   The best way to avoid punitive fines and legal bills is to recycle your water and not release any water from your ranch.  This can be done using several strategies, and most of all,  zero discharge is probably much less expensive long term that fighting it out in the courts with local regulatory authorities.

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Recycled water Must Meet the EC requirements

Some combination of the following methods can help you achieve a zero discharge status for your ranch.

  1. Add a catchment basic/pond to collect your runoff

  2. Add one of our systems to remove some of the  nitrate from the pond- not all.

  3. For irrigation,  mix the pond water with your existing irrigation water to achieve the right balance of nutrients and minerals

  4. Use your sprayer truck loaded with pond water to water the access roads that run through your property

  5. Where possible use a thirsty,  fast- growing grass  like Jose Tall Wheatgrass,  to soak up excess water from the pond.